How to use promotional gifts to retain the hearts of customers not only unique but also need to be creative

After an exhibition, the retention rate of promotional gifts is as high as 85%, while the retention rate of promotional materials is less than 17%. This shows that it is crucial to prepare what kind of promotional gifts. Therefore, promotional gifts for exhibitors need to meet the following principles.

High novelty

Since major exhibitors prepare business gifts, the more novelty your gift has, the higher the retention rate will be. We suggest that you can choose electronic products that are frequently updated.


Or prepare some gifts that can be divided into two and send one of them with the invitation to the visiting buyers you want to invite before the show, so that they have to come to your showroom to design and produce in order to put together a complete gift. This approach has proven to be really effective in increasing the visit rate of exhibitors to a particular showroom design production.

Some exhibitors are clever enough to make lanyards with their company logos and names on them and distribute them to visitors free of charge on site. Visitors walking around the venue with these eye-catching lanyards are like a lot of mobile billboards promoting the company for free.


Promotional gift prices

From the practical point of view of modern exhibitions, old-fashioned promotional gifts such as tote bags and umbrellas are easily discarded by hand. For important customers, the price of the prepared promotional gifts should be between 100-200 RMB.


Gift bags – this is one of the most common free gifts provided by exhibitors for visitors, since it is a gift, to send to be sent to decent, practical. Do gift bags, first of all, to be beautiful, if it is a monotonous picture printed with the name and logo of the company, it is difficult to make people look more than a few eyes, and when visitors are happy to carry a brand of gift bags, it is also equivalent to the brand in doing free publicity.


Second, is the gift bag material and quality to ensure that we have got some special lightweight materials made of gift bags, look pretty, but can not carry much stuff on the bottom; some carry hand part made of hard plastic, although very strong, but carry a long time hands will be uncomfortable; there are some gift bags in order to look atmospheric, more and more large, although it can hold a lot of things, but the super conventional size of the bag is always a trouble to carry, so such gift bags are not enough.


High practicality of gifts

Small gifts are not necessarily the more expensive the better, with a certain functionality will greatly improve its appearance in the future, such as three-dimensional calendars, puzzle frames, beautiful mouse pads and so on, placed on the desk is both decorative and can meet certain daily practical needs, while also ensuring that corporate information is retained for a long time.


These small gifts also need good workmanship and quality, especially the commonly used commemorative pens, note books and other stationery gifts, otherwise visitors will get a commemorative pen that can not write, will be an embarrassing thing.

Wholesale custom Bamboo fiber ball pen Bamboo 2

Don’t just choose gifts from the samples provided by the gift company and then type the corporate information, in fact, common gifts can also be unique and creative, there was an enterprise specializing in accessories to make the tassel lace into a pendant to hang on the keychain and attach the corporate nameplate, which not only shows the product, but also distances from other corporate gifts, and also reduces the cost investment in small gifts, which can be said to be a triple win.


Bring your culture to the gift

Needless to say, we all know this. But make sure your gifts have your company logo and company name printed on them. We hand out gifts at trade shows because we want people to remember you. It’s best if the handout is directly your company’s products. At least it’s better than handing out gifts that are cultured but have nothing to do with your product. If a potential customer gets this gift from you and goes back to use it and finds it good and useful, it means your gift selection is spot on. Samples of your own products are always the best gift to get potential customers interested in your product.



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