The difference between similar stylus

Point reading pens and point reading machines are electronic products for preschool education.

Reading pen

The use of the reading pen: It is to print a two-dimensional light code on the textbook, select a page to be read, and click on the pattern, text, number, etc. on the page, and the two-dimensional light code can be issued after the pen is recognized The corresponding pronunciation. The recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.8%.

The principle of the point reading pen: The tip of the point reading pen collects the position of the clicked text, combines with the produced pronunciation file, and emits the corresponding sound. The tip of the reading pen is an optical sensor, which can accurately collect any position information.

Translation pen scanning pen

reading machine

The use of point reading machine: Put the textbook on the tablet of the machine, and point the text on the textbook with a special pen, and the machine will emit the corresponding pronunciation.

The principle of the point-reading machine: when making the pronunciation file, the “latitude and longitude position” of the corresponding text content is preset for the pronunciation file.

For example: “Watermelon” is located at (X, Y) from the upper left corner on the third page of elementary school Chinese, then after selecting this page of this book, the tablet perceives the touch of the brush (X, Y) provided. At one point, it received an instruction to read out the pronunciation file corresponding to this point, namely “Watermelon”.

Point-reading machines point-to-read textbooks, there is no sound environment, it is boring, children are easy to lose interest, because the textbooks are taught in the classroom.

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