China Pen Association leaders research Shanghai pen enterprises

From February 14th to 16th , 2023 , Yang Chengjie, chairman of the China Pencil Association, and Ren Xiuying, vice chairman and secretary-general, successively made speeches to Shanghai Technology Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd., China First Pencil Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Hero ( Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pafuluo Stationery Co., Ltd., Anshuo Stationery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Wencai Industry Co., Ltd. conducted field research.

During the investigation period, the leaders of the association listened to reports on the economic operations and future development plans of each enterprise after the impact of the epidemic. Watched short films and product display of different companies with different cultural development footprints and styles. All enterprises were affected to varying degrees under the impact of the Shanghai epidemic last year. After the national epidemic control policy was released, production and operation continued to pick up, showing a gradually improving trend.

  On the afternoon of the 14th , the leaders of the association first visited Shanghai Technology Service Co., Ltd., which is a public service platform for the pen-making industry supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and invested by 10 companies in the industry. Pen testing center, pen making information center and other functions. The general manager, Yu Guo, reported to the leaders of the association the problems, difficulties and solutions encountered in the early construction of the platform, as well as the future development plans, and hoped that the association would continue to support the platform. On behalf of the association, Chairman Yang Chengjie said that the platform is a platform that provides comprehensive technical services for the industry. Building and developing a good platform can play a role in promoting the high-quality development of the industry. The association will always pay attention to and support the development and construction of the platform. The leaders of the association and the general manager Yu Guofang conducted in-depth discussions and reached a consensus on how to serve the industry well in terms of testing, information, standardization and training.

Later, I came to Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd., and learned that Chenguang has persisted step by step since its original intention of starting a business. After a arduous process, it was successfully listed and ranked first in the country’s leading pen maker. President Chen Huxiong recalled that Chenguang’s development was achieved on the road of continuous innovation and continuous improvement. In August 2021 , Chenguang’s headquarters will move into the G60 Cloud Gallery in Shanghai, marking the start of a new round of five-year development strategy and a new journey towards world-class. With the concept of “freedom and creativity”, Chenguang creates branded, creative, personalized and high-end comfortable and high-value products. Through 80,000 offline terminal stores, more than 400 Jiumu sundry clubs and online channels are fully covered to form a closed loop of the entire industry chain, to meet the needs of consumers to the greatest extent with easy-to-use, fun, and easy-to-dry products, and to make good products Marketing and dissemination of Chenguang’s well-known brands. The leaders of the association had an in-depth conversation with President Chen Huxiong on the future development of Chenguang, the industry-leading responsibilities of leading enterprises, and how to promote the high-quality development of the industry. Chairman Yang Chengjie and Vice Chairman Ren Xiuying hope that Chenguang will lead the healthy development of the pen-making industry with the advantages and responsibilities of leading enterprises.

 On the morning of the 15th , in China First Pencil Co., Ltd., a discussion was held with the members of the leadership team of No.1 Lead, the former chairman of Laofengxiang, the consultant of the Pencil Professional Committee Hu Shugang, the secretary-general of the Pencil Professional Committee Qin Weimin, and the heads of relevant departments.


During the symposium, general manager Zhang Bingyang gave a report on the topic of “Inheritance with Heart, Integrity and Innovation”. Mr. Zhang gave a detailed introduction to the company’s professional advantages, time-honored brand advantages and future development strategies from three aspects: enterprise pencil experts, product IP , brand IP , and China Lead Pioneering Park business format.


China No. 1 Pencil Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise specializing in the production of pencils since its establishment nearly 88 years ago. The “Zhonghua Brand” pencil brand has a long history and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the new trend of rapid development, in order to break the solidified and aging state of time-honored brands, the company revitalized the brand and took the lead in trying to open the “Zhonghua Brand” brand licensing market as an IP licensee, which has achieved good response. Through scientific and technological innovation, design innovation, and cultural and creative product innovation, the company has continuously launched high-value, high-quality cultural and creative products, and explored a way to develop in the direction of large cultural education and cultural and creative development based on pencils. Chairman Yang Chengjie affirmed Yiqian ‘s achievements in innovation and bold attempts in cultural and creative development, IP authorization, etc., and hoped that industry enterprises and brand licensors will discuss cooperation and sharing of brand authorization, so as to reduce costs for enterprises to use authorized brands and use brand authorization Popularity drives the influence of independent brands in the industry.

During the symposium, Mr. Zhang and Secretary-General Qin Weimin also reported the preparations for the reelection of the Pencil Professional Committee. Vice Chairman Ren Xiuying put forward specific requirements for the reelection work in accordance with the procedures for the reelection of the professional committee.

On the afternoon of the 15th , at Shanghai Hero (Group) Co., Ltd., a discussion was held with Chairman Li Lili, the company’s leadership team and relevant persons in charge. Watched a short film on the history of hero development in “New Era, New Heroes”. Hearing Li Lili, chairman of Hero Group, report on how Hero seeks government support, retains high-quality assets, leverages the brand advantages of Hero time-honored brands, develops products such as people’s cultural and creative products, red cultural and creative products, actively embraces the Internet, and takes the road of high-end and differentiated development. In 2022 , under the influence of the epidemic lockdown, Hero Group will still maintain double-digit growth, continue to introduce new products, and achieve excellent results. Chairman Yang Chengjie commented on the determination and action of the hero people to stick to the national brand and build a century-old hero to make the hero brand bigger and stronger. He hoped that the hero would continue to innovate high-quality products and carry forward the hero brand.

On the morning of the 16th , at Shanghai Pafulo Stationery Co., Ltd., I first watched a short video of the company’s 20- year development history, and listened to the report of the general manager Zou Haoyang on the company’s development. Founded in 2003 , Shanghai Pafulo Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on R&D, design, production and sales of high-end metal fountain pens and ballpoint pens as its main products. The company adheres to creating the Picasso brand with “artistic characteristics and cultural temperature”. The company invests in advanced engraving and other processing equipment, adopts advanced technology and craftsmanship, inherits and promotes Picasso’s artistic essence, and produces a variety of brands with unique creative designs Licensing and cultural and creative products, providing product customization services for well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, has been widely recognized by the industry and consumers and won various awards. The company has set up thousands of brand counters in the domestic market, and established a public welfare reading base. At present, the Picasso brand has a relatively high brand influence in the domestic consumer market.

The leaders of the association are pleased with the successful succession of the second generation and the younger members of the company’s leadership team. Chairman Yang Chengjie praised the creative spirit of the young successors who dared to be the first, and said that the young people have successfully accumulated energy to inherit, have vitality, achievements, and hope. He hopes that the company will continue to promote the brand strategy, expand publicity, and create a new world-renowned brand.

On the afternoon of the 16th , at Anshuo Stationery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Xu Peifeng, the general manager, and Wang Cheng, the director of the company, had a discussion with the leaders of the association. General Manager Xu Peifeng reported on the steady recovery of the company’s production and operation after the epidemic was lifted, and accompanied the leaders of the association to visit the company’s laboratories and production workshops.

Anshuo Company is an enterprise that produces high-grade wooden pencil products. It has advanced testing equipment and a fully functional laboratory. In 2019 , the company was rated as the Industrial Design Center of China Light Industry. Anshuo is the first company in the pencil industry to develop and use fast-growing poplar, and has won the Science and Technology Progress Award of China Light Union. It has been rated as one of the top ten pen manufacturers in China’s light industry for many years. Anshuo company transformed and created the industry’s only lean management mini-unit production line workshop, which won better economic benefits for the company. Over the years, the company’s core purpose and philosophy has been to pursue excellence and adhere to “quality – environmental protection – safety”. The “Marco ” brand products are excellent and exquisite, and the brand has a high influence at home and abroad.

During the symposium, Mr. Xu reported to the leaders of the association the problems of low-price competition in the industry market, serious product homogeneity, and overcapacity, and hoped that the association would lead the leading enterprises in the industry to take the lead in giving full play to their respective advantages and carry out differentiated development. Chairman Yang Chengjie said that the association has always advocated industry self-discipline, and will continue to guide industry companies to take the road of innovation in different forms in the future, change the bad market situation where bad money drives out good money, and promote the orderly and healthy development of the industry. At the same time, it affirmed Anshuo’s emphasis on technological innovation and lean management, and believed that the company’s implementation of the mini-unit production method not only guaranteed product quality, but also improved economic benefits, which is worth learning and promoting in the industry.

In Wencai Industrial Co., Ltd., I visited the sample room and listened to the introduction of the company’s product design, product innovation, patents and awards by the marketing manager Wen Yanling. General Manager Yan Lubin reported on the rapid development of the company in recent years. Wencai Company adheres to the brand concept of “Born to Excellence”, adheres to the quality pursuit of excellence, uses cutting-edge original design, and uses high-precision production technology to create simple, light luxury, high-end atmosphere, super cost-effective brand office writing, business gifts and Enterprise customized products. The products under the KACO brand have won many important awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the German iF Design Award. The KACO brand with a unique style stands out in the domestic pen-making stationery industry in a relatively short period of time, and is influencing more and more modern metropolitan customers and writing enthusiasts. KACO brand products occupy a large high-end market and become China’s pen-making stationery The leader of the industry brand, KACO ‘s development goal is to pursue and lead the Chinese writing fashion, and create a well-known brand of pen-making stationery.

Chairman Yang and Vice Chairman Ren Xiuying highly praised KACO brand products for winning major awards such as the Red Dot Award and the IF Award. Chairman Yang hopes that Wencai will be in Shanghai and focus on the world, not only to create a domestic well-known brand, but also to make KACO a well-known international brand.

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